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HydraFacial Skin Care

HydraFacial is an FDA-approved skin care system that can be adapted to different skin types and needs. It can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, clogged and enlarged pores, oily skin, blemishes on the skin. HydraFacial, a multi-purpose device, is a popular skin care device developed in recent years.

HydraFacial removes the dead skin cells on the skin from the environment by means of a patented special tip through the liquid. This process is called hydradermabrasion. While the tissues on the skin are peeled with Hyradermabrasion, the dead cells, make-up residues, oil on the skin, and dirt accumulated in the clogged pores are absorbed by a vacuum process called “vortex technology”. Thanks to the vortex technology, fluid pressure is combined with physical scraping with the peeling tip and vacuum suction, resulting in extremely soft, regenerated skin.




45-60 min.

Recovery Time

1-2 Days

Final Conclusion

1-2 Days



HydraFacial provides excellent results for all skin types, especially sensitive and aging skin. At the same time, microwave technology is used to stimulate collagen. Processes called microdermabrasion can be performed for skin rejuvenation. Some crystals or diamond tips are used in the microdermabrasion process. In people with sensitive skin, redness and sensitivity develop on the skin with microdermabrasion. With the Hyrafacial skin rejuvenation system, more effective results are obtained in all skin types compared to all other skin rejuvenation systems, while fewer reactions occur.

HydraFacial is ideal for anyone who wants to have a well-groomed skin, regardless of age. It is a good option for any age group with dry or sensitive skin. It is safe and effective for all skin types and skin colours.

HydraFacial skin care typically consists of four steps: cleansing and exfoliation, glycolic peeling, extractions, and serum infusion. All four steps help deep clean and regenerate the skin. It takes between 25 and 90 minutes on average. It has no side effects and does not require a healing process.

An incredible shine is felt after the first treatment. The pores are noticeably smaller, the skin becomes soft and moist, puffiness is reduced. Fine lines and wrinkles are less visible thanks to the application of water and nutrient-rich serum. The results are progressive. For this reason, as a result of repetitive procedures, it is seen that fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots are reduced in the long term. Although 6 sessions are applied in general, it differs according to the needs of the person.

Vortex Cleansing and Hydrapeel Exfoliation: In this step of the HydraFacial, dead cells are removed from the surface of the skin through water-based peeling. Also, the benefit of this first step is the removal of oil on the skin called sebum. Sebum acts as a glue for small particles, clogging the pores. In cases where sebum is not removed, the components applied on the skin cannot be absorbed, so their effectiveness is reduced. Vortex technology works perfectly in this regard. Since sebum is absorbed and removed, it eliminates the possibility of clogging the pores on the skin.

Pore Loosening: The second step of HidraFacial is to clean the opened pores with a mild salicylic and glycolic acid mixture. Used for pore cleansing, these substances are often found in anti-acne skin care products because of their effects on loosening the pore plugs that cause inflamed acne.

Pore Removal: In this process step, the loosened pore plug and impurities are removed with the HydraFacial vortex cleaning effect. As a result of the procedure, the skin is purified from the dirt in the pores. Thanks to the opening of the pores, the applied skin serums reach the deeper skin layers.

Serum Fusion: The final step involves nourishing the skin with peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. This mixture improves skin health in several ways. Antioxidants provide essential building blocks for skin cell structures, while peptides help repair skin damage. In addition, hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance of wrinkles by drawing moisture to the treatment area in a short time.

HydraFacial skin care does not have any side effects. Unlike laser technology, this machine does not vaporize skin cells. Therefore, it does not cause crusting or serious reactions. HydraFacial is ideal for all skin types and targets hyperpigmentation, oily/clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

One of the most important points to be considered in HydraFacial skin care is whether the device and care solutions used are original. With the popularity of HydraFacial skin care, unfortunately, many imitation devices and solutions have been produced apart from the original device. It should not be forgotten that no results can be obtained in the maintenance performed with non-original devices. However, the use of non-original solutions may cause worse problems rather than improvement in the skin. FDA approved original Hyrafacial device and solutions are used in our clinic. The few clinic addresses with original devices can be accessed from the distributor company's web page.

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