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Under Eye Light Filling

Under-eye light filling increases the level of hydration in the subcutaneous tissues. With the increase of hydration, the spaces under the lower eyelid are filled, the wrinkles on the skin are reduced and it becomes more flexible. The tired expression disappears as the lower eyelid skin, which fills the lower part and becomes smoother, reflects the light better. For this reason, lower eyelid fillers are called detention light fillers.





5-10 dk.

Recovery Time

1-2 Days

Final Conclusion

1-2 Days



Even at a young age, the person may look more tired and older than they are due to increased color darkness, lack of tissue, collapse and similar problems under the lower eyelid. Gaps are filled with under-eye light filling. A smoother transition is provided between the cheek and the eyelid. Thus, the appearance of bags under the lower eyelid, if any, disappears.

The material used in under-eye light filling has a special content. Content; It consists of a mixture of hyaluronic acid, which increases the nutrition and hydration of the skin, and essential nutrients such as antioxidants, amino acids and vitamin B6.

With the under-eye light filling process, the under-eye area is rejuvenated with a two-stage process. First, the subcutaneous supportive layer is strengthened with the effect of hyaluronic acid and the cavities are filled. In this way, dark circles and under-eye bags are camouflaged. In the second stage, a long-term cellular regeneration is provided in the skin, thanks to its polyvitamin and amino acid contents.

After the application, tiny redness may occur at the injection points. These rashes go away on their own within 3-4 hours. Injection areas should not be rubbed during this period. No cream or cosmetic product should be applied to the face. The skin returns to normal within a few hours. Make-up can be applied afterwards.

After the application of light filling, redness may occur for 2-3 days, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Edema, swelling and bruising at the injection site are other possible side effects.

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