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Nanofat Greft

In this method, fat is taken from a region rich in adipose tissue with the help of cannulas. After undergoing some special processes, it is transferred to the desired area. The fat obtained in this process is adipose tissue rich in stem cells. Tissue obtained by nanofat technique; Because it is rich in stem cells, it has a feature that provides tissue healing and support.

There are important differences between nanofat graft and normal fat filling. In nanofat applications, the fat tissue taken is thinned, centrifuged and purified from the particles in its content by passing through various filters. Thus, the adipose tissue turns into mini, micro and nano-sized particles. The tissue obtained is a stem cell-rich tissue that can be applied even into the skin.




60-120 min.

Recovery Time

1-2 week

Final Conclusion

3-6 Months



One of the most important usage areas of nanofat fat injection is face shaping. Nanofat can be successfully applied in clarifying the cheekbones on the face, removing the depressions in the temple, providing the chin contour, correcting the nasolabilal groove, and removing fine wrinkles on the face. Facial nanofat applications can be performed under sterile conditions under local or general anesthesia. Processing time is about 2-3 hours. Usually, the patient is sent home the same day.

Nanofat has been used successfully in hair treatments. With the application of nanofat before hair transplantation, the success rate of hair transplantation can be increased significantly. In patients with hair loss, nanofat injections can be made to support existing hair. Studies have shown that hair follicles are repaired and new hair follicles are activated with nanofat application alone.

In scar treatment, nanofat can be applied to reduce the visibility of scars. After nanofat injection, the skin of the scarred area changes for the better and approaches the normal skin, and the collapse in the scar area decreases or disappears. Very good results can be obtained with nanofat application in acne scar treatment.

Adipose tissue for nanofat is usually taken from around the navel in the abdomen. If there is not enough fat in this area, fat can be removed from the inner thigh or hip region.

To Whom Nanafat Graft Application Can Be Applied;
- Nano fat injection treatment is performed to provide volume, correct the defects in the areas where fat was removed, and improve the skin quality in areas with reduced skin quality.
- For shaping the face area
- People with fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and nose
- Removal of bruises under the eyes
- In people with collapsed eyes
- People with wrinkles around the forehead and lips
- People with dark circles around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes
- People with fine wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area
- People who need breast and butt shaping
- People with scars anywhere on the body
- In order to increase the success of the transplantation before the hair transplantation
- To prevent hair loss and strengthen existing hair
- For the purpose of rejuvenating the back of the hand and elbow area
- Nanofat graft can be applied to rejuvenate the skin and remove stains.

In nanofat face applications, bruises and swellings, if any, disappear within a week. The patient returns to his normal life after a week.

The effects of the application after the Nanofat Graft are seen immediately in the subcutaneous applications, and the positive effects on the skin are seen from the 15th day. Within six months, the skin quality is noticeably improved.

We can divide the factors affecting the success in nanofat graft applications as personal factors and technical factors. Among the factors belonging to the person, whether the person smokes or not, his genetic structure and life are important parameters that affect the result. However, it significantly affects the success of the technique applied while obtaining nanofat. Why the adipose tissue is removed, what processes it undergoes, the injection technique, the depth and the regions where the injection is made can change the result.

Generally, more than 70% of the applied nanofat amount lives in the area where it is transferred and becomes permanent. It is usually necessary to wait 3 months for the full result to be seen.

If the nanofat graft applications made properly are successful, the effect will be very long-lasting. Tissues continue to age over their final shape after nanofat injection. For this reason, the effect does not have a certain duration in nanofat applications.

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