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Breast Lift

Breast Lift surgery; It is a surgery to reshape sagging breasts with gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding after birth.

As a result of birth and breastfeeding, the skin of the breast and the ligaments in the breast that maintain the uprightness of the breast lose their elasticity and loosen. The breast tissue loses its old upright form and the nipples descend from where they are to the lower line of the breast. In some patients, shrinkage of the mammary glands and emptying of the breasts are seen, while in some patients, the breasts sag without losing their volume. The aim of breast lift surgery is to give the breast a new shape and upright form. During breast lift surgery, the enlarged dark area (areola) around the nipple is narrowed.

In patients whose mammary glands shrink and breast volume decreases after pregnancy and breastfeeding, besides breast lift, the volume and erection of the breast can be created with silicone breast prostheses.




120-150 dk.

Recovery Time

1-2 week

Final Conclusion

3-6 Months



Breast lift surgeries can be performed with or without prosthesis. In patients with hollowed out and sagging breasts, the necessary volume and perpendicularity are provided with the use of prosthesis during breast lift. The sagging breast tissue is shaped and the desired perpendicularity is achieved in people who have sagging but do not lose their breast volume.

Many different techniques can be applied in breast lift surgeries. The surgical technique to be applied varies according to the size of the breasts, the degree of sagging, the elasticity of the skin and the surgeon's preference. In people with slight sagging, only a thin line around the areola can be lifted. However, in people with more sagging, a line called an inverted T may form around the areola and down from the areola to the lower line of the breast, as in breast reduction surgeries. While these scars are pink in the first few months, they return to normal skin color in 3-6 months.

In obese people and gynecomastia that occurs in later ages, surgery can be performed after the necessary controls are made.

During breast lift surgeries, the mammary glands are reshaped and the sagging nipple is moved upwards. Since the connection of the mammary glands with the nipple is not completely cut off during the operation, patients can breastfeed again after the operation.

Breast lift surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and take an average of 3 hours. The patient is hospitalized for one night after the operation and is discharged the next day. In some patients, drains can be placed to take out the blood and body fluids that may accumulate inside. These drains are removed in 1-2 days. Stitches are placed from the inside and the suture line is supported with sterile tapes on the outside. There is no need for dressing as there is no open suture line. The bands are removed approximately one month after breast lift surgery.

Although the feeling of pain after breast lift surgery varies from person to person, there is usually no serious pain. However, when silicone breast prostheses are placed under the muscle with breast lift, pain may occur with arm movements, especially in the first few days. Oral painkillers are sufficient for pain relief.

Generally, patients return to their normal lives within 7-10 days. The breast, which has been erected with elastic medical bras, is supported for approximately 1 month.

The probability of loss of sensation in the nipple after breast lift surgery is very low. When temporary loss of sensation develops, the loss of sensation returns in about 3-6 months. Although rare, permanent loss of sensation may develop.

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