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Fat Injection to the Face

Fat filling applications in aesthetic surgery have a wide range of applications and their popularity is increasing day by day. The main application areas are face, hands, elbows, breast, genital area, scars. Injected fat cells are living cells and continue to live in the area where they are transferred. The most important issue in fat injection processes is the survival of the obtained and transferred fat cells. For this reason, the technique to be applied and the tools to be used in oil extraction are very important. When removing fat cells, they should be taken with cannulas of certain thickness. The fat cells should not be traumatized during the stages that the taken fat goes through in getting it ready for injection. If the fat cells are broken down during the procedures, the effects will disappear shortly after the injection. Another important point is that the fat cells are evenly distributed between the tissue layers. Fat cells cannot be fed and success cannot be achieved in fat injections that are made in an intense amount into the tissue only in one area.





60 min.

Recovery Time

5-10 Days

Final Conclusion

3-6 weeks



When fat injection is applied to areas with reduced tissue volume, it gives safe, long-lasting and natural-looking results. Since the removed adipose tissue is taken from the person, a situation such as a reaction and rejection does not develop. How much of the injected oil will be permanent varies from person to person. Permanence may vary depending on the technique as well as the structural characteristics and habits of the person. However, as an average value, 60% of the injected fat is permanent.

The most common area where fat injection is applied is the face area. With aging, collapses due to skeletal loss on the face, sagging due to gravity and skin changes occur. With fat injection, the emptied parts of the face are supported. Thus, a younger, fuller, fresher and aesthetic appearance of the face is provided.

Another application area of fat injection is hand rejuvenation. The extracted fat is injected under the skin on the back of the hand after certain procedures. As a result, an image with a better skin structure is obtained, where the vein and bone structures are less prominent, collapses are eliminated.

In the rejuvenation of the genital area, a better appearance is obtained by injecting the fat filling into the outer lips.

Fat injections can be used to plump the breasts for people who do not want a breast prosthesis, who have less sagging, but have a lot of breast discharge. In these procedures, fat is usually removed by liposuction and injected into certain areas of the breast.

Fat injection can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the area applied. There is no need to stay in the hospital in the applications performed under local anesthesia. In patients with extensive liposuction and larger volume injections, the patient stays in the hospital for one night and is discharged the next day. It takes 2-7 days for the patient to return to his normal life. It is natural to have edema in the places where fat is injected after the operation. Edema disappears spontaneously in a few days and the aesthetic visual takes its final shape. Physical exercises can usually be started after 2 weeks. If melting is evident, fat injection can be repeated in the same area two months later. There is no need for dressing and stitching. Generally, after the second week, the result obtained with the operation begins to appear and the final image appears between 3-6 months.

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