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Genital Aesthetics

Aesthetic and functional correction of the vagina, inguinal region and vaginal lip disorders in women constitutes the field of aesthetic surgery. In women, genital aesthetics includes reduction of the inner lips of the vagina, restoration and reduction of the outer lips, fat injection, narrowing of the vagina or suturing the hymen.





60-120 min.

Recovery Time

2-3 weeks

Final Conclusion

3-6 Weeks



Reasons such as uncontrolled episiotomy incisions, multiple births, advancing age and structural features, which are usually made in women who have had a normal delivery, cause vaginal enlargement. This situation can cause problems in sexual intercourse as well as aesthetic problems.

The shape, color and size of the labium minus of the vagina vary according to race and age. The inner lips are usually not symmetrical and one may be longer than the other. These can be structural as well as can develop later. The excess parts of the inner lips can cause bad odor with sweating. The excess of the inner lips that are aesthetically unsightly or cause pain during sexual intercourse can be removed.

There may be weakness and extinction in the outer lips of the vagina with the advancement of age. To correct this problem, fat injections are made to return the outer lips to their normal volume.

Surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

Since an incision is made in vaginal tightening or inner lip interventions, the healing process takes up to a week. The patient returns to his normal life after a week. The recovery period is shorter in patients who are injected with oil to the outer lips.

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