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Prominent Ear Aesthetics

The prominent ear deformity is the forward curve of the auricle. It is usually due to genetic characteristics. Prominent ear is an important problem that can cause psychosocial, emotional or behavioral problems in children. Since the cartilage structures in the outer part of the ear are interfered with in prominent ear aesthetics, it does not cause any problems with hearing.





60-75 min.

Recovery Time

1-2 week

Final Conclusion

3-6 Weeks



When prominent ears are seen immediately after birth, banding the ears backwards for a few days can eliminate the problem. Although this form of treatment is more effective, especially when done in the first 3 days after birth, it can be done up to a week. The pinna completes its development around the age of 6 years. For this reason, the most suitable period for the proposed prominent ear aesthetics is the pre-school period. At the age of starting school, the circle of friends with which children communicate expands. Children are very much affected by the shape of their ears being teased and nicknamed. This situation causes not wanting to go to school and lack of self-confidence. In older ages, people feel the need to cover their ears with their hair. Prominent ear surgery can be performed at any age, starting from the age of 6 years.

During the examination, the shape of the ear is evaluated and the surgical technique to be applied is determined. Photographs of previously operated patients are displayed upon request. Detailed information is given about the surgical technique to be applied and the healing process.

It is possible to separate the surgical techniques as thread ear aesthetics, open technique and prominent ear aesthetics, and hybrid ear aesthetics where the two methods are combined.

Non-Surgical Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread; In this technique, the prominent ear is corrected with the help of thread. The biggest advantage is that the procedure takes a short time, the recovery is fast and there is no incision. The disadvantages are that in those with strong cartilage structure, the threads cannot withstand the tension and come out of the skin behind the ear or break. In this case, the stitches can be removed and the procedure can be repeated at a later date.

Open Technique Prominent Ear Aesthetics; In this technique, an incision of about 3 cm is made behind the ear. In the ear, cartilage is removed from the structure called the concha. The prominent ear is corrected with ear-shaping stitches. The biggest advantage is that it is more reliable when compared to prominent ear aesthetics with thread, since cartilage is intervened in this method. The disadvantage is that there is a scar behind the ear due to the incision, and surgery and recovery take longer.

Hybrid Prominent Ear Aesthetics; In this method, the aim is to benefit from the advantages of both the rope technique and the open technique. Without making an incision, the ear cartilage is weakened by drawing through a small hole. With the help of threads, the prominent ear is corrected. Since the cartilage structure is interfered with during the procedure, less load is placed on the threads used to shape the ears. Therefore, there is no problem of breaking the threads or going out of the skin. Healing and edema are short-lived.

All procedures in adults are performed under local anesthesia. In children, general anesthesia is a more suitable option.

Prominent ear aesthetics performed with thread take 30 minutes, while prominent ear aesthetics performed with open technique take 2 hours, and hybrid prominent ear aesthetics takes around 1-1.5 hours.

Whether it is local or general, pain is not felt during the operation and immediately after the operation, since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure. A few hours after the surgery, there is a feeling of pain that varies from person to person. Pain relievers can be used when there is pain. A dressing is applied immediately after the operation to reduce edema and prevent bleeding. A day or two later, the bandage is opened and tennis bandage or headband is applied. Edema and bruises, if any, are completely gone in a week. One or two days after the procedure, the person returns to his normal life with the use of bandages. The bandage is applied day and night for the first month, and then only at night for 1 month. Healing of the ears is complete in 3-6 months. If more than two years pass after prominent ear surgery, the ear shape becomes permanent. The prominent ear shaper retains the shape of the ear even if the threads break and are removed.

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