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Neck Lift

We define the area under the chin as the jowl. With the progression of age and the effect of gravity, sagging, loosening and lubrication occur in all structures (skin, muscle and adipose tissue) under the chin. Some patients have structural sagging in the neck and jowl region. The sagging of the jowl and neck region causes the person to look older, heavier and tired than they are. By intervening in the skin, muscle and fat tissue in neck lift surgery, very good results are obtained that cannot be obtained with any non-surgical technique.





60-120 min.

Recovery Time

2-3 weeks

Final Conclusion

3-6 Months



Before the operation, the patient is examined. The degree of sagging in the neck, skin and subcutaneous fat is evaluated. It is checked whether there is sagging of the salivary glands that may cause fullness under the chin. The patient is given detailed information about the operation process.

In neck lift surgeries, incisions are made behind the ears with a horizontal incision of 3-4 cm on the line that normally exists naturally just below the tip of the chin. Subcutaneous adipose tissue collected under the chin is removed by liposuction. The fat tissue that causes the fullness of the jowl area located under the muscles is directly removed. Except for neck lift surgeries performed with open technique, these fats located on the forehead cannot be interfered with by any other method. The sagging muscles in the neck are brought together and sewn in the form of a zipper and tightened.

Another point to be considered in the neck is the state of the salivary glands located under the chin. The salivary glands are normally located under the jawbone. With aging or structurally, the salivary glands located under the chin may separate from their places and hang down. In operations performed without paying attention to these structures, walnut-sized swellings continue under the chin while all other parts of the chin are corrected after the operation.

In case of excess skin sagging, the skin is removed so that a scar is left behind the ear. Thus, no traces are left on the neck.

The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Ameliyat süresi yapılan işlemlere göre 1-2 saat arasındadır.

A bandage is applied after the operation. The bandage is removed one day later and a neck and face mask is applied. The patient is discharged on the same day or one day after the operation.

Swelling and bruises usually go away completely within a week. At the end of the first week, the patient returns to his normal life. Complete recovery takes 3-6 months.

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