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Post Weight Loss Surgery (Post Bariatric Surgery)

As a result of significant weight loss, the elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is lost. As a result, sagging and loosening in the arms, loss of volume in the breasts and flattening as a result of sagging, folds as a result of sagging in the abdomen and trunk, sagging of the hips and legs develop. The aim of aesthetic operations after weight loss is to remove the sagging parts, support the tissues and, as a result, provide a good appearance.





2-6 Hours

Recovery Time

2-3 weeks

Final Conclusion

3-6 Months



In order to perform aesthetic surgery operations after excessive weight loss, weight loss must be stable. Aesthetic operations can be performed in patients whose weight has remained stable for the last 6 months, when the maximum weight to be lost has been lost.

In the pre-operative interview, the patient is evaluated as a whole. What types of interventions are needed in which regions are determined. The patient's weight loss process, sagging status, amount and distribution of fat, and skin quality are evaluated. The operations required for the patient are determined and an operation plan is created. Since the priority of the area to be operated varies from person to person, there is no specific order for surgery. During the examination; Accurate and detailed information is obtained about previous surgeries, current health problems such as diabetes, habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.) and drugs used (aspirin, tranquilizers, etc.). Detailed information about the operations to be performed will be provided. Photographs are taken for medical record.

Aspirin and similar blood thinners are discontinued one week before the operation. If used, it is obligatory to stop smoking for a while before and after the operation. Hospitalization is done on the day of surgery. 6 hours before the operation, nothing should be eaten and nothing should be drunk, including water. Hospitalization is done 2 hours before the operation. Comfortable clothes should be chosen while coming to the surgery and any jewelry should be removed.

The incisions to be made in breast lift operations are determined according to the degree of sagging. In cases where sagging is low, it is sufficient to create a scar only around the nipple, while in cases where lollipop-like scars and sagging are high in medium sagging, inverted T-shaped scars are created and the breast is lifted. In cases where the volume of the breast is significantly lost, silicone breast prostheses can be used in addition to lifting.

One of the most common sagging areas after weight loss is the trunk. Sagging may develop in the abdomen, waist region, and back. Classic tummy tuck, all-round tummy tuck, upper tummy tuck and back stretching can be performed to remove sagging in the body. Tummy tuck procedures are usually accompanied by liposuction. At the end of the surgery, patients are dressed in special corsets. The hospital stay is 1-2 days. The patient returns to his normal life after about a week.

In arm stretching procedures, the remaining scar is placed on the inner lower face of the arm so that it is least visible. It can usually be combined with other region surgeries. In arm lift procedures, in addition to skin removal, liposuction is performed to provide thinning and tightening.

The scar that remains in the thigh stretching processes extends from the knee to the groin area on the inner side of the leg. In addition to skin removal, liposuction is performed in aesthetic surgeries in this region. Thus, tightening and thinning are provided.

General anesthesia method is applied.

It varies depending on the operation to be performed in the operation.

The healing process varies according to the procedures performed. In combined procedures where more than one area is operated, the recovery period may take 1-2 weeks. The time to return to normal life is about two weeks. While the scars appear red in the first month or two, they turn into skin color in 6 months-1 year. Regular exercises can be started after approximately 1 month. The final result is obtained between 6 months and 1 year.

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