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Hip Shaping (Buttock Aesthetics)

Today, Latin American-style high, protruding, rounded and cellulite-free butt shapes are more aesthetic and the interest in this is increasing. The hip area loses its elasticity and fullness with aging. Apart from aging, excessive lubrication, flattening and sagging may develop in the butt due to excessive weight gain and loss. A large and shapeless butt not only makes the legs shorter but also increases the inconsistency between the upper and lower parts of the body. The butt area consists of muscles. If you want this area to be tight, raised and cellulite-free, regular sports should be done. Buttock can be shaped by plastic surgery.





1-3 Saat

Recovery Time

2-3 weeks

Final Conclusion

3-6 Months



Methods applied by plastic surgery for an aesthetic visual butt image
- Liposuction
- Hyaluronic acid filler injection
- Oil injection
- Stem cell enriched fat injection
- Buttock prosthesis
- Needle butt lift- Classic hip lift operations.

The operation methods to be applied above have advantages and disadvantages among themselves. The decision of which operation method will be applied depends on the age of the patient and the bone, muscle, fat and skin structure and shape of the hip. While there is no obvious scar on the body of the person in fat or filler injection, rope hanging and liposuction applications, in butt prosthesis and classical hip stretching operations, the scars are hidden under underwear and their visibility is reduced.

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